What if children are far more capable than we imagine?

Acton Academy Alva is an innovative Pre-K through 5th-grade school located on a large property in Alva, Florida. Our campus offers open spaces for relaxation and meditation, as well as the opportunity for students to interact with farm animals.

What makes
Acton Academy Alva different?

Young people doing challenging work at their own pace.
Kids learning at Acton
Acton Campus in Austin
Collaborating on real-world projects.
Girl in Acton Campus
Earning points for effort and badges for mastery.
Sharing learning in a tightly bound community.
Using the latest technology to master reading, writing and math.
On a Hero’s Journey, with challenges, adventures, fellow travelers and guides.

Cultivating Curiosity and Compassion

Experience the wonders of Acton Academy Alva, where learning comes alive through immersive nature experiences and hands-on interactions. Nestled on a spacious property, our school provides ample open spaces for active play, serene shaded areas for relaxation and meditation, and the opportunity for students to engage with farm animals. From running freely to nurturing farm animals, our learners cultivate a deep connection to the environment while fostering invaluable life skills.

The Elementary Studio
The Launchpad Studio
The Middle School Studio

Learner-driven communities run by heroes-in-the-making

Self-management and self-governance are celebrated daily by learners who use 21st Century skills to tackle real world projects, inspired by classic heroes in a tightly bound community with extremely high standards.

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The Hero's Journey

Learn more about how Acton Academy turns learning upside down.
"A remarkable book that captures the powerful journeys of Acton Academy’s founders, students, parent community, and — I hope — the future of education around the globe. Any school, whether traditional or innovative, will gain insights from this magical place.”
Ted Dintersmith
Education Author, Film Producer, and Philanthropist

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Our Mission

We believe each person who enters our doors deserves to find a calling and change the world.

"I would never have believed children could learn so much from each other...
until I saw it with my own eyes. The lessons of self-management and self-governance have prepared our fifth-grade daughter to be a lifelong learner.”
Parent, Elementary Studio